David "Pengerzz" Jenkins

Name: David Jenkins

Age: 21

Location: Manchester & Rochdale

Biography: "After I left school I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I studied and completed a sports course at college, but I never really had a true love for it. Towards the end of the course I started drawing and tattooing as a hobby.

It was about a year and a half ago when I first set ink to skin, and with the help and guidance of various tattoo artists that I knew and have come to know over that time, that about nine months ago I was offered a place in a Warrington studio and helped to set up Envie Inks.

Envie Inks was a fantastic studio to work in and build upon my techniques and style, but I didn't feel the other artist working there could teach me anything new. I knew this was my time to move on, and as I had made some more contacts within the industry I was soon offered another place in a well known and respected studio.

As soon as I left Warrington I went straight into work at LinkUp Tattoo studio in Oldham, Manchester, where I worked learning from three other amazing tattoo artists. I quickly found my feet at Linkup and found my work progressed quickly and continues to progress more with every piece of work I do.


I now have my own tattoo studio, "Sacred Ink" in Smallbridge, Rochdale which is the first ever tattoo studio in the area.  Thanks to the internet and Facebook my work has now become very popular, so if you would like some artwork, it's best to book soon to secure your spot."

If you are looking to get some ink, come check me out.

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